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#1 19-09-2011 15:36:45

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Ilford Photo launches 5x4in pinhole camera

A pinhole camera that records images on 5x4in positive paper will go on sale next month, the owner of the Ilford film brand has confirmed.

The British-made Harman Titan, a prototype of which was debuted at the Focus on Imaging show six months ago, will cost 150.

There will be three versions of pinhole: 72mm; 110mm; and 150mm the latter delivering the same focal length as a traditional 5x4in camera, said Steven Brierley, director of sales and marketing at Harman technology Ltd which owns the famous Ilford black & white film brand.

The 110mm and 150mm versions are planned as optional extras.

In addition to a 5x4 film positive holder, the Harman Titan kit will include a 'reciprocity failure chart' to help photographers work out the correct exposure, said Brierley in an interview with Amateur Photographer (AP) last Friday.

The camera itself features built-in spirit levels and tripod mount positions.

Designed to be robust, the camera is built from 'tough plastic' and designed by Mike Walker, a field camera specialist based in North Wales.

AP has learnt that Ilford is investigating the possibility of making the camera compatible with an Apple iPhone, whereby the iPhone would sit on the camera and serve as a 'viewfinder'.

And the firm is also considering the launch of an accessory that enables the shutter to be triggered by a cable release.

Ilford claims that the camera has received a 'huge amount of interest from schools and colleges, as well as existing pinhole photographers'.

Brierley hopes the camera will appeal to school science lesson teachers, as the images can be process in a 'tank' - thereby dispensing with the need for a darkroom.

The Harman Titan is due to go on sale at the end of October. … 09687.html


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#2 19-09-2011 18:34:18

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Re: Ilford Photo launches 5x4in pinhole camera

Fain. Eu vreau sa-mi mesteresc singur un pinhole pe 6x7 cu o magazie pe sistem Graflok pentru RB67 sau Graflex si cu un kit DIY de la Skink Pinhole. Zero Image mai face aparate foto cu stenopa dar sunt scumpe iar magazia pentru astea pe rollfilm nici macar nu are role, e doar o rama. Cred ca pot sa mesteresc sngur ceva mult mai decent in aceiasi bani. Nu am chef sa ma apuc de developat planfilm la tava nici sa-mi cumpar tanc scump pentru planfilm si chimicale pentru preparat zemuri la galeata.

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